Collagen research and application develop in more than 20 countries

Currently, all the world  in collagen functional studies, the development of health food is showing ”flowers blossom” situation. Recently, the 2013 ’China Nutrition & Health Food Market Forum held in Shanghai, according to China Health Care Association and Shu zheng Kangxun research industry issued the “collagen protein (peptide)category research report” shows: the current “carry collagen development and application of national and regions more than 20,scientific degree of recognition universal. collagen, collagen peptide applied research has become a worldwide cutting-edge technology areas. “In China, including Lumi, a number of oral collagen  enterprises, invested heavily in research and development, seamlessly connected world, the latest scientific research, led to the development of collagen peptides used in China’s development and maturity.

“Collagen protein (peptide) category research report” pointed out: “collagen, food, health products in the United States, Japan and other developed countries has become one particular favorite products, its popularity is similar to our cooking MSG, non-daily missing. “According to statistics, the EU scientific Committee on April 2000 confirmed the safety of edible collagen product performance, the U.S. FDA in 1993and 1999 recognized collagen for” public safety and health foods (GRAS) “, directly promoting European and American market the rapid development of collagen.


Extracted from fish skin collagen peptide research first pioneered by the Japanese, has over 10 years of history. Currently the Japanese market, the consumption of collagen peptides up to 4500-5500 tons per year, and for seven consecutive years, ranking first in health food sales, far more than the popularity of hyaluronic acid, astaxanthin and other nutritional beauty food. In China, the collagen first brand – Lumi collagen has been selling seven years, always adhere to the import of raw materials, formulation independent research and development, with Europe and Japan, the latest technology standards, continue to accumulate patent achievements, to promote oral collagen peptide in China popularity to make a positive contribution.

“Collagen protein (peptide) category research report” also pointed out: Although Chinese companies collagen production technology level has with the world, but in the scientific research with the world’s advanced level there are still some gaps; China collagen, collagen peptide research and development applications are in a critical period of development, the current research activity, consumer demand,as soon as possible will help to benefit the development of mature national health.